Residential Telephone Numbers

in Luxembourg - country phone code +352

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National Numbers

Available National Numbers
Area Code Setup Fee Monthly Rental
National +352 $ 8.73 $ 8.73

Local Numbers

Available Locations
Area Code Setup Fee Monthly Rental
Luxembourg +352 (27) $ 8.73 $ 8.73

Toll Free Numbers

Area Code Setup Fee Monthly Rental Usage Fee
+352 (800) $ 2.49 $ 9.97 7.0 ยข


Can I get a virtual number in my town?
Probably! We can provide virtual numbers in more than 4,000 cities across the world.
What are the call costs?
We do everything we can to keep costs down. We will always try to route your call free of charge over the internet. However if we need to deliver the call over the old-fashioned network, these are the costs that apply.
What about emergency calls?
VoIP Home provides emergency calling in the UK and USA through a E911 service. Our service passes all regulatory requirements.
What about voicemail?
VoIP Home provides a range of advanced telephone services such as voicemail, multipoint registration, click to call and call waiting.