Terms and Conditions

The home VoIP service

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions apply to all persons, businesses or entities
subscribing to or purchasing the services and products of VoIPaddo.

2. Definitions

“VoIPaddo” means the company providing and operating these services and products.
“Services and Products” means the services and products described and offered on our website.
“Customer” means the business or businesses, person or persons who are registered with VoIPaddo
“Website” means our presence on the world wide web under http://voipaddo.com which is available to the public.
“Account” means the record of transactions applicable to a user or users associated with VoIPaddo
“Legislation” means laws or regulations governing the provision of goods or services between VoIPaddo and registered users.
“Registered Partners or Affiliates” refer to associated persons or businesses appointed by VoIPaddo to distribute our goods or services to end users.
“Acceptable Use Policy” means the guidelines provided by VoIPaddo for acceptable use. These guidelines are shown separately on the VoIPaddo website but may change from time to time. It is also available on request.

3. General Provisions


The provider of this service is VoIPaddo. We endeavour to provide this service to you without any delays, interruption or distortion. However, the service may at
some times be unavailable without notice due to maintenance or system failure. No liability is accepted or compensation offered should the service be unavailable. All goods and services are provided in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, our Acceptable Use Policy and any applicable law existing from time to time. Please note that the Terms of Agreement posted on our website shall supersede all previous Terms and Conditions.


After a free trial period customers will pay in advance a sum equivalent to one month’s service charges for the aggregate of user accounts requested. Customer’s credit card will be charged after a trial period for the first month of use. After this initial payment, your credit card will be automatically charged on the same day of the subsequent months for the use of our service, until you cancel your subscription.


Customers who choose to file a dispute against any payment made to VoIPaddo will pay an administration charge of 17 EUR, 20 USD, 15 GBP or their service will be immediately cancelled without refund. Cancellations must be completed using the correct procedure as outlined above.


You may cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your “Control Panel”. Cancellation instructions are available through “Submit ticket” button on your
account. Customer who believe they are incorrectly charged contact VoIPaddo by completing our support on-line form within 10 days to obtain a refund. Should an error be found VoIPaddo will make an immediate non-cash credit to the particular User’s account. Customer accounts which remain static will be automatically terminated where there is no activity on the account for a period of 180 days. However, the company will, send an email to such customers ten days before the end of this period reminding them of the impending action.


In exchange for the goods and services supplied VoIPaddo will accept most debit and credit cards. The types of cards acceptable will be shown on the website. All
customers warrant that they are the legitimate owner of the credit or debit cards used for purchase of goods or services of VoIPaddo; that the card(s) carry a valid
card number; that the expiry date is subsequent to the date of use and that there is a valid security code on the back of the card. All users are hereby notified that the improper use of a credit/debit card could be a criminal offence. It should be noted that all customer details are fully automated and all payments for goods and services must be made in advance. On your credit card statement a purchase made on our website will be shown as: “www.ssl7.net”


VoIPaddo will always endeavour to supply you with a reliable service. It must be understood, however, that the service may be affected or disrupted by weather,
failure of the user’s internet service provider, hardware faults, criminal acts, service termination and other disruptions. In no event shall VoIPaddo, its officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, affiliates or resellers be held liable for direct, incidental, punitive, indirect, exemplary or consequential damages, loss of internet telephone service, loss of profits or damages arising out of the use of the service, hardware or software programs.


Any notice under this Agreement, whether required to be written or otherwise may be given by VoIPaddo to Users by Post, Personal Service, Email or SMS messaging to any email address, or phone number that the User has given us to correspond with him. Users must give notices to VoIPaddo to the address shown on the website.


Can I get a virtual number in my town?
Probably! We can provide virtual numbers in more than 4,000 cities across the world.
What are the call costs?
We do everything we can to keep costs down. We will always try to route your call free of charge over the internet. However if we need to deliver the call over the old-fashioned network, these are the costs that apply.
What about emergency calls?
VoIP Home provides emergency calling in the UK and USA through a E911 service. Our service passes all regulatory requirements.
What about voicemail?
VoIP Home provides a range of advanced telephone services such as voicemail, multipoint registration, click to call and call waiting.