VoIP Virtual Numbers

Choose from more than 4,000 cities

VoIP Virtual Numbers


You can subscribe to incoming VoIP numbers in more than 4000 cities
around the World. Check your city of choice below.




  • There is a fixed monthly rental fee for our numbers.
  • There are no per-minute charges*.
  • No limits on number or length of the call.
  • All numbers are provided with two channels,
    allowing two concurrent incoming calls. Additional
    channels may be purchased if required.
* – per-minute charges apply for Toll Free numbers
** – additional admin fee applies

  • Instant activation via our online admin panel.
  • The call forwarding destination can be changed at any time via our online admin panel.
  • Caller ID is supported on all numbers.
  • “Gold Numbers” and blocks of consecutive numbers available**.

  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USD

Choose your location

DestinationSetup FeeMonthly Rental
ArgentinaUS$ 16.21US$ 16.21
AustraliaUS$ 9.97US$ 9.97
AustriaUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
BahrainUS$ 16.21US$ 16.21
BelgiumUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
BrazilUS$ 12.47US$ 12.47
BulgariaUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
CanadaUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
ChileUS$ 14.96US$ 14.96
ColombiaUS$ 0.00US$ 16.32
CroatiaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
CyprusUS$ 12.47US$ 12.47
Czech RepublicUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
DenmarkUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
Dominican RepublicUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
El SalvadorUS$ 16.21US$ 16.21
EstoniaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
FinlandUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
FranceUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
GeorgiaUS$ 17.46US$ 17.46
GermanyUS$ 6.23US$ 9.97
GreeceUS$ 8.73US$ 8.73
Hong Kong S.A.R., ChinaUS$ 16.21US$ 16.21
HungaryUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
IrelandUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
IsraelUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
ItalyUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
JapanUS$ 9.97US$ 9.97
LatviaUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
LithuaniaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
LuxembourgUS$ 8.73US$ 8.73
MalaysiaUS$ 8.88US$ 8.88
MaltaUS$ 9.97US$ 9.97
MexicoUS$ 12.47US$ 12.47
NetherlandsUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
New ZealandUS$ 9.97US$ 9.97
NorwayUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
PanamaUS$ 12.47US$ 12.47
PeruUS$ 12.47US$ 12.47
PolandUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
PortugalUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Puerto RicoUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
RomaniaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
RussiaUS$ 15.00US$ 15.00
SingaporeUS$ 12.00US$ 12.00
SlovakiaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
SloveniaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
South AfricaUS$ 7.48US$ 7.48
South KoreaUS$ 5.92US$ 5.92
SpainUS$ 9.97US$ 9.97
SwedenUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
SwitzerlandUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23
TurkeyUS$ 7.15US$ 7.15
United KingdomUS$ 7.70US$ 7.70
United StatesUS$ 6.23US$ 6.23


Can I get a virtual number in my town?
Probably! We can provide virtual numbers in more than 4,000 cities across the world.
What are the call costs?
We do everything we can to keep costs down. We will always try to route your call free of charge over the internet. However if we need to deliver the call over the old-fashioned network, these are the costs that apply.
What about emergency calls?
VoIP Home provides emergency calling in the UK and USA through a E911 service. Our service passes all regulatory requirements.
What about voicemail?
VoIP Home provides a range of advanced telephone services such as voicemail, multipoint registration, click to call and call waiting.